Saturday, 13 October 2007

Yesterday was not the 13th

Yesterday was Friday, the 12th. I woke up believing it was the 13th. If that was the case, I would have had a symbolic and coincidently propitious date to restart updating this blog. This because I like symbolic representations even at times they do not have much to say. Perhaps it is about a restrained passion to Semiotic. I ended up writing about the return yesterday, but I posted it only today, the 13th.
But I am not here for “happy talk”, as one of the columnists from the
Ipanema FM use to say, but to try to reorganize myself in order to carry out the hard task of keeping a blog. I had already recognized this difficulty in one of the previous posts and, in fact, I had no expectations of reaching the professional blogger status within few months. Even so, it is slightly frustrating to collect ideas, comparisons, analogies, sarcasms, images and titles on a little Moleskine notebook and not being able to write down. Evidently at times I come up against the prejudiced analyses (still present), let’s put in these terms, of the apparent gratuitousness of this activity. And then I remember I have started this as a project to provide myself training to develop the ability of writing in English. So, I realize the majority of my supposed great ideas will not have room within this “perspective-justification”.
Therefore, it remains for me to write what is possible, or at least the closest to that, feeling that little touch of frustration. I have suspended the blog activities nearly two months ago, when I went to Greece for two weeks. I had all the stories noted down, but any of them had been written. But the struggle is still on, comrades!
My self-demands are: Keeping the proposal of a weekly updating; Continuing the fortnightly interviews with Brazilians living in London; Initiate the session From my Window; Fixing the cover of my dictionary; Buying a fold bicycle; Take photos of Banksy graffiti; Watching Paco de Lucia concert in November and many other things…

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