Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Do terrorists pay for bus journeys?

Hello Londoners politically correct authorities: No, terrorists do not take the bus! They go by car! Thus, investment in transport fare inspection seems to be a waste of money when one thinks of how much is needed to summon someone and go through all this bureaucracy rather than finding most real effective ways of making London safer. A lot of efforts are made by the government to ensure that students and unemployed or low-income workers are paying the world’s most expensive transport prices. In the meantime, terrorists are parking Mercedes with bombs inside it to explode posh areas of the city. Freaks are trying to blow Piccadilly Center up and they get there driving their own cars that they probably bought with the money they earned from the state, from the NHS…
That is, there are, definitely, most important issues that Londoners authorities should deal with rather then a supposed offence that was not even committed.
As you will be able to see from the enclosed emails when this incident happened I complained to the London Bus Services and Oyster Department due to the behaviour of the inspector who would not even hear me out when I continued to tell him that I had paid but the machine might not have read it, because I am positive I paid.
Four months later and considering everything resolved I receive a court summons from your department and I ask you, how is this possible? I am given a ticket for an offence I did not commit because the inspector was fed up to debate with me and then he confiscates my card.
How fair is it that you are summoning me to court for something that I thought I resolved and when a member of your staff was clearly in the wrong by taking my card and issuing me with an unjustified ticket. I mean to demand from people 95 pounds for this is excruciating! This incident was unfair and unnecessary.
“I can confirm you case has been reviewed and London Buses will still be pursuing this matter though Stratford Magistrates Court on the 14th August 2007.”
Is not the bureaucracy the worst thing ever?

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Anonymous said...

o teu texto ( só pra variar!!) é muito bom!!
parece que estou te ouvindo...
o blog ta muito legal e acho qque vai te fazer um baita bem!!
segue daí que te ouço daqui!!
beijo com saudades
e nao fica de cara com os abraços que te mando, é vontade de te abraçar mesmo