Thursday, 14 February 2008

You are welcome to join me in my farewell marathon!

Hi everyone,

Aleks is leaving for El Salvador at the end of the month and we're throwing him a grand farewell party. Actually, no, we're just sending him off from a pub in Whitechapel on Friday, February 15 from 9 pm. Alexa's band, Morning Bride, is playing there that night. I can't tell you the exact venue right now, will have to ask Alexa. But please pencil this in and join us then.


Hello all my lovelies,

To celebrate the fact that you will have Aleks out of your hair for a few months we are going to go the the Horse and Groom pub on Curtain road (as I told all of you yesterday :) )
Just emailing you all the details and a map to the location.
Cant wait to see you all!!!!! :0)
Horse and Groom
28 Curtain Road,Shoreditch,London,EC2A 3NZ

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