Thursday, 6 December 2007

A common little note one sees around an English office... (2)

"Our boiler has cut out 4 times today. But it has been running fine all afternoon.
In addition, the hot water to the kitchen (which comes from the boiler) has cut out.
This could be a problem with insufficient water pressure; or it could be a fault with the boiler.
My guess is that it’s a water pressure problem given that the heating has worked all afternoon. But if we continue to have problems tomorrow, we’ll investigate further to see if there is a general water pressure problem, or if we nee to get the plumber in."
An e-mail one gets, sometimes, in an English office...
Hi Aleks
Many thanks for doing this. I have made a few changes, please see attached document.
Tara and you must be the calmest and best organised seminar organisers! I don't know how you think of everything whilst remaining cheerful at all times.

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