Wednesday, 14 November 2007


A delegation of women leaders from Asia, Africa and Central America has met in London to share their experiences about how they made a positive difference in politics in their respective countries. Just Politics: Women Transforming Political Spaces, a dialogue organised by One World Action, took place at the MIC Hotel and Conference Centre in Euston on November 5 and 6. It was attended by women in government and civil society from Tanzania, Mozambique, the Philippines, Indonesia, El Salvador, Bolivia, South Africa and Zambia. The participants will share and explore strategies towards transforming politics with women councillors, members of the Greater London Assembly and women representativs from research institution NGOs and government.
The Dialogue's participants exchanged views on the factors that hinder and help women make a difference in formal and informal politics, and later put forward concrete proposals on how women can be both effective and accountable within positions of power. The participants then proceeded to Brussels, in Belgium, where they met with various committees in the European Commission in order to advance specific advocacies from their home countries.
The Dialogue is the second in a series of exchanges organised by One World Action to address the theme of women’s political participation. The first gathering was in March of this year, with the theme Democratic Governance: organising for social inclusion and equity. One World Action hopes to build on the learnings gleaned from these events and maintain the linkages built among women from various political arenas here and abroad.

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