Monday, 8 August 2011

London is burning?

I do not know if I am being too influenced by the media, but it seems to me, based on what I am seeing on The Guardian and on BBC, the violence that broke out in different boroughs of the capital are quite impressive. And big. Riots, fires, and hand-to-hand combats between the police and protesters including Hackney, where I lived in London for years (and still live in a sense...) is such a strong view. Let’s see where this is going to end. You all I have in London, be safe!

(photos and videos The Guardian)


Anonymous said...

you ll find this interesting i think

e. besos londinenses... fiery ones

Anonymous said...

Li esse comentário no facebook e achei bastante bom:

"This is what happens when you raise a generation to believe they are defined by what they buy, but then take away their means for getting what they have been told they 'need'."

Bjs, Naya x

anlene gomes said...

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Anonymous said...

Cannibal Kids, interpretado por Kate Tempest, parceira aqui da area (Brockley, South East London):
(postado em abril de 2009)

It has never been so relevant...Timely, powerful.

Bjs, Naya x